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For nearly 20 years, MCC has been a leader on SBS prevention in the state and has reached thousands of parents, caregivers, professionals and other members of the public through the distribution of educational brochures, the coordination of community prevention projects and the promotion of SBS awareness on television and radio.

Much progress has been made and we are seeing reductions in SBS cases in the communities in which we have been working. While this is encouraging, much remains to be done to educate all parents and professionals across the state. Join our effort today through your generous donation. You will be helping us to:

  • Provide high quality trainings to a broad array of family-serving professionals across the state so they can reach more parents with important messages about SBS and how to prevent it;
  • Continue to produce and distribute high quality teaching materials and SBS prevention brochures to parents and professionals in hospitals, clinics, child care settings, schools, etc;
  • Develop new SBS prevention training tools to reach young men who are most frequently identified in reported cases of SBS;
  • Provide technical assistance to communities interested in implementing comprehensive SBS prevention efforts.

MCC is a private 501(c)3 organization, and we receive no state funding for this work. We rely entirely on foundation support, corporate grants, and on the generosity of our members and benefactors.

Your financial support is very much appreciated!


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