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Share the information and tips in this website with everyone you know who has a young child or is expecting a new baby.  Send your friends the link to this website and encourage them to send it in turn to their friends.

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Order our free brochures on Infant Crying and Soothing and include them as part of your "Welcome Baby!" gift to a new or expecting parent. Request some today by emailing us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call  us at (617) 742-8555 x3.

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Order our 2 DVD narrated SBS Training Kit for "Family-Serving Professionals and for Parents and Caregivers" so we can donate it in your name to your favorite local child care center, parent support group, hospital-based prenatal or postpartum parenting program, family shelter, or other organization that serves families in your community.  Click here to order.

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Order our 1-hour narrated SBS
Prevention Training DVD for "Health Care Providers in Hospitals and Community Settings" so we can donate it in your name to your local community hospital's Emergency Department and Pediatric Department, or to your local Emergency Medical Services (EMS) agency, community health center, or pediatric clinic or
practice. Comming soon in 2011.




Order our new poster, "Shaken Baby Syndrome: What You Need To Know To Keep Your Baby Safe." This attractive 18 x 22 poster in blue and yellow highlights six key facts that all parents and caregivers should know about Shaken Baby Syndrome, infant crying, and what to do when soothing efforts don't always work. This is a great educational tool to display in your local family-serving agency, the maternity ward, emergency department and pediatric department of your hospital, community health center, or pediatric office.  Comming Soon!