Lindsay Hawthorne
 Communications Coordinator

Lindsay Hawthorne has an M.S. in Nonprofit Management from Northeastern University, with a concentration in Social Media and Digital Communications. Lindsay has worked as a Communications Consultant and volunteer for several nonprofits. She served as the Media Intern for SurvJustice, a D.C.-based nonprofit proving legal advocacy for survivors of sexual assault on campuses across the country. Lindsay has also interned with the Governor's Council on Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence while pursuing her undergraduate degree in International Relations with a minor in Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies at Boston University. 

Lindsay has been advocating to end sexual abuse and other interpersonal violence since she was in high school in CT, and she is excited to further the communications and prevention efforts of MassKids. Lindsay understands the devastating impact that sexual abuse has on survivors' lives, and everyone deserves a childhood free from abuse.