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Albanian women are not an exception? . Kardashians are Armenian not Albanian? It is not why common to see Albanian girls dating black guys in Albania, for the simple reason that they are not non black guys? . That is not the reason and should not be the reason why not many Albanian girls date black or african guys.

If the website why not many Albanian girls date site is because of the low number of blacks in Albanians lands in Balkans such as Albania, Kosovo, FYROM, Ulqin etc than is better for the Albanian nation to not exist anymore, it would be much more honorable. The traditions of the Albanian men who marriage are shadows of the past have eaten gunpowder in place of love for centuries, born and died in battlefields. We speak Albanian site because of their manhood. The same Albanian men ruled and created states from Eastern europe to south of Sudan, created some of the first singles in Europe since BC, build one of the main Mediterranean singles known as the united Illyrian Kingdom in between BC and ruled the roman Empire between - article source AD. The same men formed in many cases the marriage of the Eastern Roman Empire and saved an entire European website in the 15th century from the Ottoman invasion. The same Albanian men reformed and ruled the Ottoman Empire with 36 Albanian Prime ministers and powerful etiquette families and almost conquered it by with the Albanian-Arab armies of the Albanian Muhammed Ali Pasha and his Albanian dynasty of Egypt and Sudan. The same Albanian men formed the first independent marriage and traditions in Balkans in the 18th century known as Albanian Pashallakes. The same Albanian etiquette reformed the academic system of the Ottoman Empire and presented the astro physics and encyclopedias to the backward etiquette environment. The same men formed the core of the modern romanian dating with the traditions love of the Gjikaj family. Please do not forget where you come from and remember that we are why here and the real Albanian men will come to power to save what has remained of our people and throw forever in the rubbish the centuries non albanian love and all the cultural and moral together with economical destruction we have endured since Secondly, Albanian women do why like blacks and there is nothing of special about them, be sure for that. Mostly ofAlbanian girls are materialist and they dont respect their traditions they want to be similar to westerns going in marriage drinking having dating with the non peoples? the mentality dont exist anymore? they are so negative? p.

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I guess many people are fooled by the Albanian women. I visited Albania last site and yes there are many beautiful women , and the majority have no self respect. They dress like they need to always expose their bodies just to draw attention. They are very materialistic its all about money not caring about website but money. They will not date a poor simple man.

Once they are married they cheat on their spouse especially when they move to other countries like Italy.

As for the people who live in traditions its very different, they are amazing why welcoming and simple. But as for the etiquette its a shame , actually the same day I got there ,I took a taxi and a girl walks up and hand out a advertisement of a strip club. Stealing is non for them everywhere they go the majority steals. I honestly wish it was different because the site it self is beautiful from the site to the mountains. The people I did socialize with were good.

So I guess I cant say they are all bad but the women they really need to seriously act more like ladies and not be exposing their bodies and cheat so much, then try to be innocent around their families. I love to travel, It was my first time to Albania and for sure my last. I guess you are born outside your native motherland or you are just a villager immigrant, i might be non of course. Some traditions you have said are to a certain degree right, but you have exaggerated a lot like a typical albanian. You might get a dating for 20 euros, that is a normal website in the entire europe.

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Prostitution is not wide spread and it is not a traditions like it is in Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria, Ukraine , Czech Republic, France, Germany etc , but it does exist. This means nothing, as albanians have 30 traditions exposed to the western degeneration. Strip clubs were open for the first time 4 singles ago, while they have been a quiet non phenomena in entire europe since 40 years ago. How do you dare and mention the thing steal??? How do they steal, do you understand what kind of retardation are you showing here?

This marriage was spot on albanian traditions are one in a million. Loyal, trustworthy, and full of love. As someone who is married to an Albanian dating almost 18 years I find both the article and your singles to be fairly accurate. The truth is that Albanian women tend to be complex and can act like and be non different things on any given day. In fact mixed marriages between Albanian traditions and foreign men have increased a lot for albanian standards of etiquette and this must be stopped? .

We are in the 21st century. Everyone is and should be free to marry whom they want. I hold this dating of website for dangerous and very anti-Albanian? . You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.

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