Keep Your Baby Safe When You're Not Around

It's a parent's worst fear - to leave their child with a trusted adult or caregiver only to have that person injure or kill the child because they didn't know how to cope with the stresses of caring for a crying or fussy baby. Here are some important tips you need to know that can keep your baby safe when you leave him or her in the care of others:

angry man yelling at womanNEVER leave your child alone with a person who has a history of violence or problems controlling their anger. Your baby may not be safe if that person loses their patience and temper.

NEVER leave your child alone with someone who has been drinking or taking drugs. This will make it less likely they can care for your baby safely.

mom on phoneTell everyone who cares for your child about the dangers of shaking. This includes friends, relatives, babysitters, child care providers, siblings, and especially anyone who has had little or no experience caring for babies or young children. Share the tips on infant soothing, too.

Tell them to NEVER pick up your baby if frustrated or angry. Give your child's caregivers permission to STEP AWAY, RIGHT AWAY and calm down if they become frustrated for any reason when caring for your baby. Tell them to gently place the infant on his or her back in the crib, close the door and go to another room, away from the crying. Tell them to check on your baby every 15 minutes or so but only if they're calm. 

Tell them to NEVER shake, slam, throw, hit, or yell at your baby or child if they become frustrated with his crying or fussiness. Remind them that all parents and caregivers get frustrated from time to time and that it's okay to take time out and relax.

Tell them to contact you for support or relief or to call the National Parental Stress Line at 800-632-8188 anytime day or night.