Reactions to MCC's State Call To Action

"It is by all accounts, a unique document, the first effort in any state to examine the broad spectrum of issues that can result in abuse and neglect, and then to offer a comprehensive, systemic approach aimed at dramatically improving the treatment of children in Massachusetts.  Early indications are that it will have considerable influence, and possibly, frame the way in which the state deals with abuse and neglect issues in the future. ... (The Call To Action) has quickly changed the context of the debate in the child welfare community, both in Massachusetts and nationally, from "what can be done" to "how much can we do and when," essentially challenging politicians and policy makers to take substantive action now that someone has put together a detailed plan of attack."

Sunday Boston Globe, Lead "Focus Section" Article, May 13, 2001


" lives up to its billing as "A State Call To Action" by challenging state officials to improve their screening, intervention, and treatment practices...It's a good preventive model that deserves a long, sympathetic look from DSS."

Boston Globe Editorial, April 9, 2001


Your ‘Call To Action' is an outstanding piece of work. What a wonderful achievement and what a perfect model for every other state (and eventually community) in the nation!"

Anne Cohn Donnelly DPH, Executive Steering Committee, National Call To Action

"Congratulations to MCC on a superb job. There are many recommendations in the Call To Action that constitute the basis of a solid agenda that we can agree on. I look forward to working with you to move this agenda forward."

Jeffrey Locke, Commissioner
Massachusetts Department of Social Services


"The Call To Action presents a great set of recommendations! I would be happy to help with the implementation phase. Congratulations."

Deborah Klein Walker, Ed.D. Associate Commissioner
Massachusetts Department of Public Health


"Everyone here is raving about the Call To Action. Not only is it a well-developed and well-written document, it's also impressively accurate."

Brian Cummings, Director, Community Connections,
Massachusetts Department of Social Services

"You should feel proud of the Call To Action. It's fabulous and represents good, solid work."
Celeste Reed Lee, Executive Director
Well Child Foundation, Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Massachusetts


"It is an impressive and persuasive tool for public policy makers in your state and around the country."

Susan Foster, Director of Policy Research and Analysis
National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University


"I thoroughly enjoyed reading A State Call To Action. Congratulations on a job well done."

Pat Schene, Child Welfare Consultant for the Edna McConnell Clark Foundation


"It's a comprehensive, integrated approach and a truly substantive contribution for everyone looking for a model. It will reinvigorate our own state efforts to create strong support for a prevention agenda."

Jann Jackson, Executive Director
Maryland Advocates for Children and Youth