MassKids has the ability to educate and mobilize a large constituency of citizens who are concerned about the welfare of children and families in our state. We provide citizens with information about the pressing issues facing children, so they can speak with an educated voice and express their concerns to policymakers and legislators. With citizens working together toward a common goal and speaking with a common voice, we can accomplish more for the children of our state than any of us could do alone.

MassKids works to improve the lives of Massachusetts children through the following programs:


The Enough Abuse Campaign

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The Enough Abuse Campaign is a public engagement and community mobilization effort to prevent child sexual abuse launched in 2002 under a 5-year grant from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The Campaign is operating in several areas of Massachusetts and has been adopted by state/county leaders in New Jersey, Maryland, New York, Nevada, Maine, South Dakota and in counties in the Greater Bay and Sacramento areas of California, as well as areas in the countries of Sierra Leone and Nigeria. Its strategies include: community organizing, public awareness, professional education, policy and legislative advocacy and media outreach. (2003 – ongoing). Visit to learn more. 




 Massachusetts SBS Prevention Center


Since the early 1990s, MassKids has been a leading spokesgroup for Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS) prevention. Under the auspices of the Massachusetts SBS Prevention Center, MassKids has reached hundreds of parents, caretakers, professionals and the public through brochures and printed materials, requests on MassKids' 800-CHILDREN line, media campaigns, and comprehensive SBS prevention education programs within birthing hospitals and in a wide range of family-serving organizations in the community. The SBS Prevention Center stands ready to provide technical assistance to other Massachusetts communities interested in supporting local SBS prevention education.