The Massachusetts Shaken Baby Syndrome Prevention Center currently is able to provide some of our educational materials at no cost to the hospital, organization or individual requesting them.

Our Spanish & Portuguese "Infant Crying and Soothing..." brochures are free for Massachusetts hospitals, health care centers, non-profit organizations, and any individual requesting 5 or less. Requestors outside of Massachusetts, for-profit organizations, and individual requesting larger amounts are decided on a case-by-case basis. English versions of this brochure are not available for free.

Our SBS Prevention Training for Health Care Providers is currently available for free to all Greater Boston Hospitals, health care center/clinics, and Pediatric offices as well as our SBS Center affiliated hospitals all over Massachusetts. We simply ask for your organization to cover the cost of shipping and handling. 

You can also call the following number to request materials: 617-742-8555.