Take Care of Yourself

If crying is getting to you or you are frustrated or angry for any reason - an argument with your partner, job stresses, money problems, etc. -  just remember, it's okay to: 

Step Away, Right Away! 

Take a few deep breaths. Gently place the infant on his or her back in the crib and go to another room away from the crying. Then take care of yourself. You deserve it!


father sitting on the edge of a chair, looking over his shoulder at a TV

  • Sit or lie down, close your eyes, and relax.

  • Slowly count to ten.

  • Do some deep breathing.

  • Listen to music.

  • Eat a snack.

  • Take a shower or soothing bath.

  • Imagine doing something you really enjoy.

  • Do something physically engaging.

  • Call a friend or relative for support or relief.

  • Call the child's doctor or health clinic, if you think the child might be ill.

  • Call the National Parental Stress Line for support at 800-632-8188


mom with eyes shut listening to iPod

You can check on the baby every 15 minutes or so but only if you have calmed down.

Remember, if you are frustrated and beginning to feel angry, it's okay to Step Away, Right Away. It's important to know that no child has ever died from crying but children do die and are seriously injured every day from being shaken, slammed down, thrown, or hit by parents or caregivers that didn't know what to do to cope with infant crying.